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No one has ever recorded the voice of Radha – one of the most powerful characters in all of chronicled history. As one half of the indivisible entity ‘RadhaKrishna’ she resonates through millions of lives every day. And yet, her songs remain unsung; her stories stay untold. Until now.This book, entitled an eponymous ‘Radha’; is a collection of 101 poems written in the voice of Radha.This book is Radha speaking to her beloved Krishna in poetry, across the ages, in an endless conversation that ebbs and flows and heaves and rests like the rhythm of a vast ocean. Sometimes she is a young girl, sometimes she is an old woman, sometimes she is petulant in her love for her Krishna, sometimes she is unflinching in her courage in letting go of her beloved Krishna. This book is an imagined conversation between 2 of the most evocative characters of all time. Her Krishna is as present in the writing as Radha is, although he never speaks a word.This is not a love story. This is the love story.
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