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Corruption in Construction

Corruption in Construction


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ARYAN AHUJA, AN INTELLIGENT LOSER His past lies in books and future in a filthy world of corruption In his dreams, he meets God in exotic locations where some life altering revelations are made. After completing his engineering degree, he gets recruited by a multinational company and is deputed at a construction site along with three others who later become his best friends. The naive Aryan starts dominating the world of which he was once afraid. He finds his love not once but twice but both leave him at last.In his final encounter with God, he decides to fight corruption but he gets swarmed by a plethora of problems when he steps into the marshy land of corruption. If that was not enough, he loses the trust of his friends along with whom he had started the fight. Will he be able to gain the trust of his friends again? Will he find his love again? Will he be able to stand against the powerful and corrupt leaders? Will God help him to get out of all this or will his dreams turn out to be just a creation of his subconscious mind?

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