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The September Revelation


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Marriages are an important element of society. And when a young girl like Zainab Gandhi avoided marriage, it raised innumerable questions. Her concerned family tried to prove the scriousness of matrimony by issuing an ultimatum. This, now, linked her sister’s happiness to her will to settle. Caught in a trap, she agreed with their proposition to meet prospective grooms but hit straight intyo her past. Kutubuddin Kagazwala turned out to be her lover’s best friend. Frightened, she took shield in another prospect, Ibrahim Merchant, to later learn that he was Kutub’s first cousin. Cornered, she works desperately towards hiding her disgraceful past and saving the honour of her family. Does she succeed in her attempts? To find out, read The September Revelation, which unfolds a heart-wrenching saga of a young girl who grapples with her past to look forward towards a clean future…

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