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The Dispossession


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On conquering Punjab, Alexander the Great heard of the Indian yogis that lived nowhere but only under trees; he forcefully brought a group of them to Macedonia, and asked them to demonstrate their own supreme powers to his people. After setting up a huge bonfire, the yogis walked round the fire chanting hymns, entered the fire and disappeared, and, therefore, Alexander gave up his desire to invade India. But, now in the Delhi rape incident all, out of six men, turned out to be beasts when they got a girl on their bus unexpectedly!  In ‘The Waste Land’ T.S. Eliot says that we can get rid of the meaninglessness of life by following the preaching of Upanishads and the teachings of Buddha. Also, he suggests copulation ought to be experienced for the sake of procreation. Nowadays many countries have started repatriating their expatriates because of overpopulation. We have had many a Guru, those that clear darkness. Men have no knowledge of the universe except certain glimpses of some relative truths. No less than ninety percent of the world is still remains dark to man, despite having devoted his life to unravel the mysteries of the world. Then, who is Guru? In ‘Darsanamala’ Narayana Guru says: “He, from whom this world manifested, As a fig tree from a seed-He is Brahma, he is Siva and Vishnu, He is the Absolute, he alone is all.”And He himself decides when should start ‘The Dispossession’….

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