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Spy from Unaula


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Alok Kumar

Serial entrepreneur and tech industry leader who loves travelling, meeting people, writing and psychology.


“Spy from Unaula takes us to a small sleepy village of Unaula and shows the simple joys, trials and tribulations of Ramchandra’s life.

Coming from meager means, Ramchandra overcomes unimaginable odds and his dexterous attitude lets him elevate himself from a lowly life. Having lost his mother early, and father averse to the idea of education, he seeks help from his rebellious brother to be able to pursue his dream of being well educated and a career of an officer in the armed forces. This dream did not come easy as the social obligations and customs of those times compelled him to take drastic decisions to fulfill his dreams. In search of a livelihood and bagful of dreams he travels to the “”City of Dreams”” of his time in search of opportunities that would fulfill his dreams.

From the famous Mills of Mumbai to being a cycle rickshaw driver in Agra, he consistently moves slowly and steadily towards his goals without complaining of any hardships he bore. Luck favours the brave, and once opportunity struck he seized the opportunity to train himself in the skills needed to land a government job. Starting from the lowest civilian ranks he moves up with an exciting job in Military Intelligence, eventually becoming a spy.

The three wars of 1962 with China and 1965 and 1971 with Pakistan were action packed for Ramchandra. Breaking codes, analyzing information over radio to interrogating the war prisoners and eventually participating in the liberation of Bangladesh in 1971 opens up the secret world of intelligence and spying in those times.

From war duties to political unrest and busting espionage rings in the country, Ramchandra never failed to find excitement on his job, while his struggle to ensure that his children found the best education, which he himself struggled to get, never ceased inspite of all odds.

This book will appeal to readers with its sharp-drawn perspective of life and the journey of a man with a dream and a lot of action from the secret quarters of covert intelligence agencies.”

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