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The Gift of the Gab Success has a Language


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Arun’s typical young corporate turk. He’s connected parties more than he works and has people eating out of his hand. But he’s still frustrated – his methods let him down when he needs them the most. His boss sends him to spy on Ravi, a business head who has been delivering success after success for his unit when the rest of the company is facing tough time s. Apparently; Ravi has unearthed a secret language called Bella- the language of success. A skeptical Arum takes this assignment on as fun and games, primarily to hook up again with the young woman he’s broken off earlier. But he soon finds out (as he unwillingly learns this language) that this language is real, powerful and life-changing. He soon faces new choices about work, loyalties and even his love life. Will Arun survive and prevail in this test by fire and gain the language’s power? Join him in this fun, fast-paced journey that will keep you entertained right through to the end.

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