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Roshan is a dynamic and ambitious youngster who leads a carefree life in college along with his close mates. They’re young and crazy. Pranks, fun, love, crushes, infatuation and mystery are all part of their rollercoaster lives. Adventure and humour are their trusted companions until life deals them their destiny’s card. Roshan sees himself as his father’s successor, taking his company to greater heights. He has big plans and his dreams are almost coming true when the love of his life walks into his life. She is there, but not quite there. They want to, but they can’t. They belong to two different worlds, and try their best to stay apart. But there seems to be an unseen force that is intent on making their paths cross. Roshan keeps oscillating between hope and despair. The novel is set in picturesque Darjeeling – the crucible of everything that is Roshan. Sarah is everyone’s story. It’s a bumpy ride in the lives of a bunch of young people, and the way their future unfolds. The story is a kaleidoscope of love, passion, maturity, sacrifice, tragedy, ambition, responsibility, commitment, sorrow, regret and lament. Almost all of life’s myriad emotions find expression in this little saga of love and life.

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