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Over a Cup of Coffee

Over a Cup of Coffee


There are some who write because there is a vast commercial market out there. There are some who publishers help to write so that their thoughts can reach a vast audience. And then, there are those who write because they have something to say. Madhavi Hadker belongs to that family. Simplicity is the hallmark of her narrative style. Her story telling is charmingly evocative. The stories paint an imagery that one relates to spontaneously. Each story is engrossing. The poignancy is palpable. They are so emotionally touching. The urge to move on to the next story is irresistible. One has to just start with any story and you know. Her love for pencil sketches comes through in each of the drawings accompanying the stories. Madhavi, at a tender age of six, was attacked by the life threatening Encephalitis — called Cerebral Infarct. She did not allow herself to be defeated. Instead her passion for life and strong-willed nature, helped her to move on, undeterred, treating it as just an incidental medical mishap in her life. She soon marched on to achieve a degree in Psychology, a Postgraduate Degree in Educational Management and a Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling. She is now an inspiring teacher, an engaging raconteur, and an accomplished artist.“God has purposely put me to the test. AND I HAVE TO PASS IT,” says a character in one of her stories. Madhavi has done just that — with admirable style and aplomb.

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