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Providential Dictates: As You Sow, So Shall You Reap


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According to dictates of the Holy Vedas, “Anything born must die. You do not die before your assigned time. But die not a thousand deaths, before your destiny gives you a call.” (Atharva, 5.30.6.)

Such a sermon has been echoed in the Holy Gita as well.

‘Providential Dictates’ provides the reader with a cocktail of tragedies and comedies, romances and contradictions of caste and cultural bias prevailing in the Indian society. This professional and emotional memoir also incorporates entertaining profiles of signs of progress in the lives of respectable medical men.

Why does Rupashree, the only child of the Dean of a Medical Institution, a glamorous woman born and brought up in opulence and sophistication take her own life, in spite of being married to a handsome officer as graceful as a Greek God?

What are the social contradictions or the mythological aberrations which impede progress and happiness in the society?

What is the truth behind glittering lives of medical men in the society? Are these patrons of clubs and mall culture really as generous and moralizing as they are meant to be?

One has to read on to find out.


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