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Future Past and other Sci-Fi short stories


Future Past and other Sci-Fi short stories


The future isn't what it used to be...Expect the unexpected... because for mankind, the future and the past may hold no meaning...Welcome to a fascinating collection of sci-fi short stories that will spark your imagination. Each story is unique and the outcome unexpected. Many are the hazards hiding in the heart of hyperspace In An Outside. In this sci-fi twister you have to figure out where you stand – literally.Contrary to popular quote, there is no second chance for a candidate here, in Never A Next. The near future? It is singular, and it is in the past. In the title story Future Past, grammar takes a back seat, and so does what is known. When you achieve super specialization, you tend to forget two plus two. Simple Physics is amazingly simple. In fact it is so simple that it will definitely not work the second time! Whose image is it? Mastering God grants the license. And look! Just who's got a Reprieve? A chequers game: man versus time. What really happened in The Story of the Greatest Event That Never Happened? Go on… dare your imagination…

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