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Warriors of Dharma


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Chandranshu Kumar

Surgeon, author, book lover, blogger, motivational speaker. Most importantly, I love life and want my life to love me.


“The lift door opened. She immediately pressed the 10th floor button again without walking out of it.

People were surprised to see her again in office. But she didn’t talk to anyone this time. She straight way went to her desk, opened the computer and went through the projects in last 10years. There were not many. She checked all of them several times. She paused at number 3. It was about an excavation in Assam, Shivsagar near Brahmaputra valley. There was also a list of people working on it. She went through it many times but couldn’t find Surath’s name in the list. She was disappointed a bit. But in the end it was written in bold-Extra Hand (voluntary worker)- 1

She took a printout and circled it in red. She walked out of the office.

She was afraid. She knew Surath was in danger. She must find him fast.

She called her travel agent, “Please book a ticket to the nearest airport to Shivsagar, Assam for today”.

“I am coming son,” Lucy told herself.

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