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Bonsai Kitten


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Lakshmi Narayan

Avid reader, animal lover, ahimsa follower, day dreamer.


“I’m nothing but a bonsai kitten! thought Divya despairingly. Bonsai kitten ? a pervert’s contention that just as plants can be stunted, so can living beings. And wasn’t that the guiding principle behind procuring a suitable girl? Catch her young when she is malleable like playdough, so she can be twisted and mangled to your liking. This way, she knows her place and stays there. At the lowest stratum. But little does Divya suspect that the Cosmic Jester ? that celestial imp who specializes in tripping up humans ? has other plans for her. Plans that include a roller-coaster ride from Delhi to Mumbai to Singapore, with tears and laughter, betrayal and friendship, loss and rebirth, as her companions. And through it all, she would have to fence with that master puppeteer to reclaim her destiny. Lakshmi Narayan makes a spunky literary
debut with a novel that will find ƒseveral
echoes and resonances, not just with women
but also from men who want to understand
us a little better. Shobhaa De”

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8" x 5"


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