Lakshmi Narayan

Avid reader, animal lover, ahimsa follower, day dreamer.


Sun Sign


Three things people don’t know about you?

I love old B&W Hindi movies, I love old B & W Hindi songs, There’s music playing inside my head all the time

What’s your greatest fear?

Losing my loved ones.

What is your greatest achievement?

Yet to come.

High point of your life?

Yet to come.

Low point of your life

Losing my loved ones.

Which living person do you most admire?

No one, really.

Who is your favorite fictional hero?

Keeps changing.

Who is your favorite fictional villain?

Keeps changing.

Who are your favorite authors?

Keeps changing. But I do admit to a weakness for historical fiction.

What are your 5 favorite books of all time?

Keeps changing.

Is there a book you love to reread?

Perhaps Pride & Prejudice.

What are your 5 favorite movies of all time?

Keeps changing. This is because at different stages in my life different people, books and movies have appealed to me. But none have made a lifelong impression. I’m a restless person mentally and keep looking for something new to challenge and engage me.

One Superpower you wish you had?

She was ordinary like the rest of us. But extraordinary in her own way.

Your epitaph would read? /Last line in your biography would be?

She was ordinary like the rest of us. But extraordinary in her own way.

If you had a time machine to take you back to any country and any time period, where would you choose to be for your childhood, adolosent , adult life and silver years?

Since I exist mostly inside my head, I would like to go back to the Bombay of the ‘60s and live on Marine Drive, facing the sea. It was a time when Bombay was modern, clean, uncluttered, glamorous, large-hearted, truly cosmopolitan and largely incorrupt. And during the holidays, I would have liked to travel to all the lovely hill stations of that era.

If you could acquire any talent, what would it be?

To be a cyclist, a swimmer, a techno-whiz and most certainly a gardener with a very green thumb!

Which book you wish you had written ?

I have so many floating in my head. But age is against me as all those books require extensive research.

When and where do you write ?

In bed, on the dining table, on the sofa, in the study …. I’m always scribbling notes and ideas to myself.

Silence or music?

Depends on the mood.

One phrase that you use most often?

“And this too shall pass …”

Do you have a writing ritual / superstition?


What’s your guilty reading pleasure?

I’m NEVER guilty about whatever I read. I don’t feel the need to impress anyone. So, whether I’m reading a trashy comic or a serious book, I’m completely open about it.

Do you have one sentence of advice for new writers?

Write passionately, write spontaneously, with your heart, your mind, your soul, your spirit and the rest will fall in place.

Lakshmi Narayan began her career as a journalist with the Times of India group. She was an editor of Flair and Eve's Weekly, before relocating to Singapore, where she wrote extensively for international publications. Lakshmi now lives in Mumbai with her husband Arun and her two gorgeous rescued dogs Donna and Tiger. Lakshmi can be reached at

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