By Aditya Sahni

A young man (with a strange name) finds himself travelling to a very small city in the Northern Mountains. A city called Avameru. There he will find peculiarly mental strangers, particularly mad friends, and a couple of very serious enemies. All through no real effort of his own it might be added. There are car chases over winding roads gun battles in the morning and the plotting of war by night. There is some coffee and rather a lot of tea. There may or may not also be a girl. Or Prophecies. Or a Storyteller.

Aditya Sahni
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Aditya Sahni studied Sociology at Fergusson College, Pune, and later, English Literature at Jadavpur University, Kolkata. His stories have been published in the Maharastra Herald and The Telegraph. He has made his living doing an odd assortment of things. He was a free lance columnist and researcher in Pune, a private tutor in Kolkata, and very briefly, someone you could pay to move heavy furniture for you. This is his first novel. Also, he was recently adopted by a cat called Cat.