Santhosh Gangadharan

Like to read books, write in Malayalam and English, spend time with family members, like to meet very old relatives to listen to their stories, travel with wife and children, practice introspection to control ego, cricket lover, walking in the morning utilized for thinking about what to write and how to schedule, home food lover.


What is your greatest achievement?

Writing a novel for the first time

High point of your life?

During my career in Oman, when I could get jobs for many of relatives and friends in Oman, I felt very much satisfied.

Low point of your life

The death of my father – never really thought that my own dear ones would leave me.

Which living person do you most admire?

Kamal Hassan, the Tamil Film Actor

Who is your favorite fictional hero?


Who are your favorite authors?

Arthur Hailey, Sidney Sheldon, Jeffery Archer, M. Mukundan, M. T. Vasudevan Nair

What are your 5 favorite books of all time?

Dracula, Airport, Evening News, Paths of Glory, A Stone for Danny Fisher

Is there a book you love to reread?

Dracula by Bram Stoker

What are your 5 favorite movies of all time?

Kaml Hassan’s Nayakan and Viswaroopam, Jurassic Park, Lost World, Mohan Lal’s Kilukkam

One Superpower you wish you had?

To be able to talk to my parents

If you had a time machine to take you back to any country and any time period, where would you choose to be for your childhood, adolosent , adult life and silver years?

The same places as where I had spent my childhood, adolescence, adult life and silver years

If you could acquire any talent, what would it be?

To write a good story well

Which book you wish you had written ?

Never had a wish like that. I like to think of writing my own stories

Silence or music?


One phrase that you use most often?

Nothing specific

Do you have a writing ritual / superstition?


Do you have one sentence of advice for new writers?

Everyone is bound to see something in their dream when they sleep, think about it and develop into a plot or theory. Then you will see more of it in your dream and eventually guide you to your destination.

Santhosh Gangadharan is a novelist hailing from the state of Kerala in India. He was born in Borneo and brought up in India and Kuwait. A chemical engineer by profession, his business development job takes him on long journeys to many corners of the world. His first novel, Spinning Into Oblivion, explores the regions of the human psyche where lines between dreams and reality blur. Interweaving modern science and ancient mysticism with rich Middle Eastern history and Sufi culture, his novel is an adventure of the human mind trying to grapple with what is real and what is not, taking the characters on a quest for answers from the deserts of Dubai to the heart of Turkey. This was published by Partridge India and is available at Internet stores of Amazon, Flipkart, and Barnes and Nobles. ‘What Next?’ is his second attempt at novel writing. He is at present a resident of Oman. The New Indian Express names Spinning into Oblivion as decoding the subconscious. It further says, ‘The novel is spun around varied cultures, cuisines and practices but it concludes on a much lighter note scripted in optimism and happiness along with a pinch of mystical elements cored into the depths for the readers to unearth again. This is a readable, perceptive travelogue of the mind and soul where the readers get the privilege to journey with the evolution of souls and moulding of personalities.’ The Oman Observer calls it an adventure of the human mind. ‘An Oman based expatriate engineer has penned a fascinating novel that interweaves modern science and ancient mysticism with rich Middle Eastern history and Sufi culture.’

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