Rage in the Jungle, Raj on the Street

By Doctor Kesi (Kailash Tripathy)

‘Rage in the Jungle, Raj on the StreetÍ, is a story that captures the essence of a group of people caught in a strange predicament. Political activist Neema unwittingly puts her family ? a widowed mother, old husband, a little daughter – in jeopardy, while pursuing Buddha, the encounter specialist, for his false encounters. Buddha, with his dogmatic belief in an extreme definition of patriotism, was tempted to stage false encounters on a terrorist couple. Chased by his pursuers, he finds himself in an awkward place, which he must have not dreamed of in the wildest of his dreams. Sambhu, an absconded bonded labour-turned Maoist was in NeemaÍs company, knowing precious little of how fast his criminal past would catch up with him. Or that he would again meet the same terrorist-cum arms peddler, from whom he had purchased the AK47s, in exchange for hashish, cultivated to fund Maoist activities. What fate awaits Sambhu, Neema, her husband Dr. London and Buddha?   Will justice prevail?

Doctor Kesi (Kailash Tripathy)
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Any government servant knows that at the time of joining they ask you to submit a fitness certificate ? ïfrom a doctor not below the rank of ƒÍ but at the hour of superannuation, nobody asks for an un-fitness certificate ïfrom a doctor...Í The junior most assistant in the department concerned drafts your letter of communication for retirement. In my case, it was the Higher Education department. On 31 March 2006 they stamped me ïsuperannuatedÍ on completion of fifty eight years of age, since my Higher Secondary School Certificate recorded my date of birth as 01 April 1948. Was I broken, sad? Nope. For, I was in good company; all the batch mates of mine shared my date of birth. It was our Head PunditÍs April-fool gift to all the students of my ïClass OneÍ batch and to their parents, of course. By the way, are you surprised? No. In mera-Bharat-mahaan, anything is possible. It was time for my farewell address to a fairly good gathering of moist-eyed young men and women and my learned colleagues. ïDuring my decades of teaching English language and literature, our system permitted me to imparting my students the only skill of listening in the classroom, while myself unlearning all other skills of language learning, except speaking the Indian English of my hue. Hence I promise, after my retirement, I shall redevelop the three other skills of listening, reading and writing ...ïlisteningÍ to whoever speaks because, IÍd be bereft of a captive audience to talk to; ïreadingÍ books because, IÍd have no other friends for company; ïwritingÍ because , I can do nothing elseƒÍ As to my promise, pray, read on to learn if I have kept it. DOCTOR KESI: Facebook Account < doctorkesi@yahoo.in >