Mission To Venus & Other Tales of Wonder

By Mahesh Paranjpe

This fascinating collection of science fiction stories brings wonder and intrigue into our mundane, everyday lives as we encounter aliens, other worlds and exciting adventures.

• Find out what happens on the mission to Venus as a team
of crack commandos investigate strange incidents on the
newly Terraformed planet.
• Travel with Murar on his amazing journey, as the life he
knows is changed forever.
• Walk with Datta as he delves into a murder mystery using
common sense and logic in a tech-enhanced future.
• And what of Lakshmi, Roopchand and Sopan? Join them
as they uncover secrets, make startling discoveries and
encounter the unexpected.

Enjoy these and much more as you unleash your imagination
and set the child within you free on the Mission to Venus…

Mahesh Paranjpe
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"MAHESH PARANJPE, an M. Tech. (Ind. Engg. & Op. Res.) from I.I.T. Powai, has worked with an Indian IT MNC for nearly two decades. An avid reader from childhood, he continues to be fascinated by the ideas and worlds created through words. The stories of Roald Dahl lent enchantment to his childhood and he was introduced to classic science fiction by authors like H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and Isaac Asimov, who opened his mind to limitless possibilities. Mahesh says: I have read somewhere that every science fiction reader is a potential author and I have put this to the test by writing a few stories of my own. His other interests include photography, music, films, and solving brain teasers – all of which he does his best to fit into the routine of a harried Mumbaikar. Mahesh also loves to travel and explore destinations on foot whenever possible. He is a foodie and feels blessed to have a wife who loves to cook as much as he loves to eat. Mahesh can be reached at: author@maheshparanjpe.com and found online at: http://mymusing3.blogspot.in/ http://www.maheshparanjpe.com/ https://www.facebook.com/maheshparanjpe2 "