Tell Me Your Real Story

By Savita Nair

Tell Me Your Real Story is a collection of simply written, heartfelt poems that are as much about angst and heartbreak as they are about celebration and romance, as much about disbelief and scepticism, as they are about sarcasm and fun. So if you are up for this mad, crazy ride that celebrates all that is urban and chic, all that is cynical and syrupy… get on to the poetry bandwagon and take a ride! One thing is for sure, you will discover a little about yourself and the poet, through this poetic journey.

Savita Nair
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Savita Nair is an advertising copywriter who lives and works in Mumbai, India. When not writing poetry or copy writing, she’s traveling in search of stories, observations and erratica, which she can use as and when her imagination takes over. She describes her poetry as ‘straight-talking prose’ that everyone who’s dealt with the chaotic madness of modern-day urban survival can understand and relate to. Sometimes stoic, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes romantic and sometimes pragmatic, these poems are for those who enjoy poetry that doesn’t shroud itself in fancy analogies and jargon. Counting Dorothy Parker as her prime inspiration, Savita says that her work best describes her state of mind at most times: complex, candid and mostly fearless.