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Breaking The God Delusion from Science to God

By Vinay Kumar

“Is there a God?

Is there a purpose to the universe?

Why are we here? Is everything a result of chance?

These questions have haunted all seekers of truth. Today, we are facing a crisis in modern thought due to the challenges posed by science, which has forced us to question the very idea of God. The conclusions of scientific paradigm have led many of us into the grasp of atheism, agnosticism and nihilism. The younger scientific generation in particular, seeks a purpose to existence and a cause behind everything. The current crisis of thought has emerged from the almost impeccable developments in science over the last 300 years. We cannot seem to reconcile the concept of God that we are taught from childhood with our understanding of the universe as given by science, Even those who are established in their faith, are overwhelmed by the sheer logic and reasoning presented by the atheists.

ls there a way out of this crisis? Breaking The God Delusion is a revealing and riveting juxtaposition of faith and science. Written for the modern mind, it shows a way past our existential dilemma. A book that intoxicates the mind, captures the heart and brings solace to the soul.”

Fresh cover -BGD_cover artwork_CTC_8-8-2016.indd
Vinay Kumar
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"VINAY KUMAR, a scientist at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Bangalore, graduated in Electronics and Communications Engineering before doing his Masters in Physics. Albert Einstein has been a lifelong fascination and inspiration for him. Even as a schoolboy the universe fascinated him; gazing at the night sky being his favourite pastime. Today, he considers himself fortunate to have the privilege of pursuing the only job he has ever aspired to – Scientist. Vinay’s burning curiosity to know what lay beyond what the eye could see prompted him to study science – where he imagined all the answers lay. But his search for the Truth soon turned him into an atheist, agnostic and nihilist, as he journeyed through a difficult existential crisis concerning the nature of Reality. In the course of his intense seeking, he discovered that his own quest had been pursued by many others over the millennia. He found evidence of this in his own Hindu culture and the Vedas. Swami Paramananda and Swami Vivekananda became his first gurus on his journey towards the Truth. In Breaking the God Delusion, Vinay shares his experiences as a scientist seeking the Ultimate Reality."