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Philosophy in Management and Counselling


Philosophy in Management and Counselling


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Plato extolled the Philosopher-King as the ideal of rulers. In today’s context, the world needs Philosopher-Managers and Philosopher- Counsellors to deal with the crises of modernity at the organisational and individual levels. With this as its central theme, Philosophy in Management and Counselling, is a blueprint for harnessing the practical strengths of philosophy to alleviate human problems – both physiological and psychological – that haunt today’s enterprise. We have long suffered the ill-informed disconnect of organisational methods/practices from the distilled wisdom of philosophical concepts gifted by wise men of East and West. The thrust of the book is on understanding the operational dynamics of one’s cognitive system and reorienting it, using the methods of Clinical Philosophy. Emphasis is placed on the importance of logical and factual congruency in effective communication and decision-making. The author brings his invaluable knowledge and experience as an academician and professional to present this novel theme. With rare panache, he takes the reader on a guided tour of eminently workableconcepts that have remained the exclusive domain of philosophical high priests. The book addresses a wide readership – Management Professionals, Students of Philosophy, Psychotherapists, Medical Practitioners, Psychologists, Counsellors, and of course, all those who thirst for new knowledge.

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