By Manoj (Vaz) Ramchandran

Manoj (Vaz) Ramchandran was born and raised in a metropolis with no boundaries – No boundaries between good and bad, honest and corrupt, cops and gangsters, politicians and businessmen, prostitutes and artistes, sex and adultery, right and wrong. That metropolis is Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay), the crime, glamour and financial capital of India. Being well versed with the underbelly of this magnificently decadent city, Vaz has woven a hard hitting story about the times and crimes of people who were trying hard to do the impossible…  Survive!

Manoj (Vaz) Ramchandran
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A Keralite, born and brought up in the middle class housing board colonies of Chembur in central Mumbai, Manoj (Vaz) Ramchandran has written Tinsel from first hand experiences. He started his career as a copywriter in Sam Balsara’s Madison Advertising in 1989, but soon realized that he had an independent line of thought and could not be forced to toe a line. Hence he founded Touché Communications Pvt. Ltd, a totally creative-centric Ad Shoppe in 1991 at the ripe old age of 25. Today Touché is 23 years young and Manoj as Chairman & Managing Director holds 100% stake in the company. ‘Tinsel’ was his childhood dream and he had written the first few chapters more than 20 years ago. But the deadlines and pressures of the advertising industry and the burgeoning responsibility of raising a son as a single father, kept him from devoting time for it. Now that his son, Shlok Ramchandran, is 19 and an international badminton player who trains in Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy in Hyderabad and day to day running of the agency is handled by experienced managers and executive officers, he finally made time to convert his dream into black and white. After all, we all dream in black and white they say. Some literally.