The Seller of Beliefs

By Trishala D Shah

‘I am not going! I am not going! I AM NOT GOING TO ANY SILLY COURSE!’ It was a weird course that she blatantly refused to go to. She argued. She protested. But in vain! And so, an ordinary girl, living a normal life, is made to join an unusual course. During the course, she encounters a quintessential teacher, who ingeniously turns her common world, uncommon. As a part of the course, she is taken to a marvellous venue, where begins her odyssey of extraordinary experiences! Over the day, she realizes the true identity of her teacher, her guide, her sarathi, which leaves her absolutely stunned… A wonderfully crafted fable, peppered with spice and humour,The Seller of Beliefs is an inspiring read for the young at heart of all ages – to reclaim their zest for life

Trishala D Shah
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Hailing from the fast-paced Mumbai city, Trishala Shah, mirrors the city’s pace, energy and versatility instinctively. She has completed her LL.M. from Mumbai University, Chartered Accountancy course (CA) from ICAI and Company Secretary Course (CS) from ICSI. With a keen interest in fiction from childhood, writing came to her much later. What started out as simple diary writing, soon, became, ‘Creative Writing’, eventually evolving into a work of fiction. Amused and intrigued by life itself, she drew inspiration from Jain philosophies, the blend and by-product of which is ‘The Seller of Beliefs’. Trishala has keen interest in fine art as well and chooses art as yet another form of expression. She is currently working with HDS and Co. Chartered Accountants. She can be reached at: thesellerofbeliefs@gmail.com