BFF: Best Friends Forever

By Supriya Parulekar

BFF: Best Friends Forever is a first person narrative by Tanishq Sehgal who talks about his life as a confused, restless teenager and the mischief-monger  who diligently writes his destiny. In boarding, lonely Tanishq often converses with the mischief-monger, blaming him for the wrongs in his life. He has to prove himself and he does so by beating Mike, national level skate champion. Thus things change for Tanishq and the gorgeous Mira seeks him out. Tanishq’s buddy Varun is madly in love with Mira. Hence, Tanishq tries to maintain a considerable distance with Mira which eventually angers her. Tanishq is ignorant about his best friend Priyanka’s feelings for him back home. Priyanka goes away to London as he grapples with his parents’ crumbling marriage. 10 years later, when he comes across the love of his life, he is in much better position to understand his feelings for Priyanka.

Supriya Parulekar
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Supriya Parulekar is from Mumbai, a city whose pulse is always racing much like the inspiration for her quirky tales. She picks up her characters from people she comes across and weaves stories around them. Be sure to find something of you in her books the next time you pick up one. You can connect with her on twitter @suprp. When she is not writing she is enjoying music, watching movies, going for walks, reading out to her daughter or penning a poem.