Fresh What Next Cover Option 3c-25-7-2016


By Santhosh Gangadharan

“WHAT NEXT? That is what the quest is for.

An Omani couple travels in India’s Chandrayaan 8 mission to moon. While in transit, strange things occur in the spacecraft.

During the end of the 15th century, Vasco Da Gama travels to Calicut in India via Malindi, a kingdom on the eastern coast of Africa. Around the same time the great Omani traveller Ahmed Ibn Majid also makes several voyages in these seas. Two sailor brothers from Liwa in Oman are destined to travel with Ahmed. Meanwhile their pretty sister falls in love with a stranger who had come across the ocean to Liwa.

Strange circumstances drive the lovers to elope from Oman to Calicut in India. Their past catches up with them and they disappear mysteriously, leaving their son under the tutelage of a local couple.

Brave Abhay is adept in martial arts, and different languages and customs. Strange dreams of a man in distress perturb the boy and he sets off to find the man in his dreams. His travails take him through the jungles of Kerala braving the sniper war between the moors (Arabs) and the parangis (Portuguese).

When he learns of his origin, he travels over the high seas to reach his roots in the hope of meeting the one who gave birth to him.

In his homeland he encounters the threat of the Portuguese and the evil from the past threatens his parents’ existence. He has to act fast to protect his family from uncertain danger. He races against time to carry out his mission.

The future of the couple in Chandrayaan is entangled with the past of a family in Liwa.

What destiny has designed for each one cannot be changed. Rules have to be followed, albeit in ignorance.
The soul has its way of drawing the life of its carrier. Nobody is allowed to edit what is already written. The voyage continues.”

Fresh What Next Cover Option 3c-25-7-2016
Santhosh Gangadharan
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"Santhosh Gangadharan is a novelist hailing from the state of Kerala in India. He was born in Borneo and brought up in India and Kuwait. A chemical engineer by profession, his business development job takes him on long journeys to many corners of the world. His first novel, Spinning Into Oblivion, explores the regions of the human psyche where lines between dreams and reality blur. Interweaving modern science and ancient mysticism with rich Middle Eastern history and Sufi culture, his novel is an adventure of the human mind trying to grapple with what is real and what is not, taking the characters on a quest for answers from the deserts of Dubai to the heart of Turkey. This was published by Partridge India and is available at Internet stores of Amazon, Flipkart, and Barnes and Nobles. ‘What Next?’ is his second attempt in novel writing. He is at present a resident of Oman. The New Indian Express names Spinning into Oblivion as decoding the subconscious. It further says, ‘The novel is spun around varied cultures, cuisines and practices but it concludes on a much lighter note scripted in optimism and happiness along with a pinch of mystical elements cored into the depths for the readers to unearth again. This is a readable, perceptive travelogue of the mind and soul where the readers get the privilege to journey with the evolution of souls and moulding of personalities.’ The Oman Observer calls it an adventure of the human mind. ‘An Oman based expatriate engineer has penned a fascinating novel that interweaves modern science and ancient mysticism with rich Middle Eastern history and Sufi culture.’"