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Cosmos Revealing Unified Will


Cosmos Revealing Unified Will


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NASA’s miraculous breakthrough in the secrets of cosmology has rendered me the topic of this book. NASA has unwittingly penetrated the veil of secrets which were already propagated by the prophets and the men of God with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. The analogy of DARK ENERGY to the SOUL and DARK MATTER to LAYERS OF SOUL is explained in this book in meticulous detail. Today, ultimately modern science and the religions have met and come together to ignite the torch of a new era of human civilization in which scientific research will focus on the realms of unknowns like DARK MATTER and DARK ENERGY, a topic so vast and so new that will be of high interest to the religions, who pursue the spiritual matters of SOUL and LAYERS OF SOUL in human beings, and which I have proved in this book to be same like DARK ENERGY and DARK MATTER – same truths but in different names. DARK ENERGY and DARK MATTER are ubiquitous and have their manifestations in humans also and at the same proportions like in the universe. Now, they are proved by me that they are there, but are called differently as SOUL and LAYERS OF SOUL. Religious introspection reveals these forces at action in the human beings, although they are unknown and can’t be seen. It is proved now beyond doubt that the absolute truths lay in these unknown invisible realms, which can’t be seen neither felt by our humanly tools and instruments. In religion, self-cognition and introspection can reveal them, whereas in science it will be a hot topic for future scientific researches, scrutiny and investigations. I wish all the best for this blessed union in which Science and Religion both together will join hands to build a new civilization in which absolute truths will be pursued. We will bid farewell to relative truths and focus this time on absolute truths.

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