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The Web Of Lies


The Web Of Lies


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'The Web Of Lies' is a collection of eight stories inspired from real life. The stories are of individuals, who find themselves in exceptionally funny situations, as they get entangled in the web of lies. Confession of a young man who takes you to a journey to his past via diary he maintains. Story of two corporate executives both stuck up in unwanted jobs and their struggle to get out of the same. A touching saga of a woman, who is engaged to be married to her long time boyfriend, who finds herself falling in love with her best friend. A Chapter, unfolding funny situations, in an individual's day-to-day life. Situations in which people land into, when they speak a lie. What happens when a young man, who is desperate to please his girlfriend lies and cheats on his four childhood friends? Finally, it's time for the characters of various stories to decide about the winner in the 'lie Vs truth' battle.

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