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Ordinary Lives


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Aparna Suresh

Having lived in beautiful cities like Fort Cochin and Dubai, I currently reside in the Garden City of India - Bangalore. Home is with my Entrepreneur husband, Jerry, whose eclectic taste in reading has helped balance the bookshelf, which otherwise would have had only one category - Fiction. The reading bug has been luckily passed on to my daughter, Diya,…


“What is the definition of life? According to the dictionary, it is the existence of a human being or animal. Life is all around us. Human life is 7.1 billion and growing. But, for every one of those 7.1 billion, life is a unique adventure. Like a fingerprint. No two are alike. Yet life is intertwined, it is connected. These connections are what make life worth living. “Ordinary Lives,” is about these connections and the profound effect it has on us. It is about life and the ordinary business of living. It is about what a young girl learns from her wise “Athe” or giving a boy of seven, a new perspective. Life continues to teach, even as it is taken away from us. So step into the world of ‘Ordinary Lives” and be reminded of all those connections and find in it a resonating chord. At the end of it all, life is anything but ‘ordinary’. It’s about loving and living and all the in- betweens.”

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