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Turn of Fate


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The burning desire to leave their nest and spread their wings to fly, is in every young heart. Aliya Kamat, however is cagey, when she finds herself, posted in the star studded city of Mumbai, recruited in a government bank. Leaving her carefree, happy-go-lucky college life and her ‘stud-boyfriend’ Rehaan, Aliya gears up to embrace her new life in Mumbai. Little did she know that she would be welcomed by the old ball-and-chain game of the obsolete office rules and gruesome politics. The un-boardable Mumbai local trains, the long traffic jam and the unbearable long queues make her life seeming more difficult to bear. Just as she is about to quit and go back home, the saying ‘Every dark cloud has a silver lining’ decides to prove a point, and her only ‘Mumbaikar’ friend, Navin Chatteraj,comes to her aid. He becomes her only friend, a known face in the crowd of Mumbai. Navin is everything Aliya was looking for. But was Fate happy to see them together? Does love really seem to hold its ground outside the college walls? Does religion barrier still exist in the 21st century? This romantic novel,‘Turn of Fate’,happens to answer just that…

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