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Seven years have passed, but it seems like a thing of yesterday and they say love makes a man do the impossible. This is a story of a young boy, who is in love with a girl known as, ‘Miss Heartless.’He has poured his heart out for his love, his wait seems endless, but his unwavering faith is what keeps him going.He knows deep inside that they belong together. Only she has to realize it. Will she? Dharmik Desai falls in love with his classmate Dhani in the 10th. He completes his Diploma in Pharmacy and decides to pursue B.A.M.S. He gets admission in the same college, where Dhani was studying. When he joins medical college, she is his senior by two years in B.A.M.S.Dharmik loves Dhani unconditionally, despite all the difficulties faced and waits for nearly seven years for her positive approach.Dharmik is a dreamer and he strongly believes, “Everything is yours that is seen after closing your eyes.”

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