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You are your Answer

“It may be difficult to define a life, but easy to live it successfully, if you understand its pattern.” Nothing great can be claimed by a human without being in his true nature. The true nature cannot be acquired without shredding out the outer layer of various assumptions and illusions. Many things and thoughts which we carry have no relevance to our existence but have blocked the flow of our life force terribly. It is not because we are unable to get rid of that, rather, it is because we are unaware of that. Life is nothing but the combination of time and energy. Wherever you spend your maximum time and energy in whatever work and mood that becomes your life. Somewhere, we are not at ease with our life. In most of the cases, it does not behave the way it must, because its various aspects are unverified and unauthentic. Everyone`s life is different. By decoding the pattern of our life, we can choose and design it the way we want. The thought-provoking statements, logic, and allegory of the book “You Are Your Answer” encourages readers to re-think and re-verify the various aspects, directly or indirectly, associated with their lives. The fresh, vivid and logical representation of the topic would be quite easy for the readers to connect with the current trend of life and the world. This book informs how a human life can be lived wisely and smartly with ease by decoding its pattern.
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