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What the FUQ? – Frequently Unanswered Questions about Sex


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Dr. Rajan Bhonsle, M.D

Author, Sexologist, Kishore Kumar fan, Family Man, Storyteller

Dr. Minnu Bhonsle, Ph.D

Mother, Author, Trainer in Humanistic Psychotherapy, Relationship Expert, Geopolitics enthusiast, Bookworm & Poet

Dr. Aman Bhonsle, Ph.D

Author, Counsellor, TA Practitioner, Mindset Coach, Cinemaphile, Ex-Media Professional & Boardgame Enthusiast


What is it about sex, a universal biological function, that makes it so difficult to understand? As much a part of life as breathing and sleeping, it nevertheless remains a subject riddled with misconception and mystery. It binds as much as it destroys. Even today, social taboos prevent us from discussing sex openly, often leading to psycho-social and even medical conditions.

Hence this book. Dr. Rajan Bhonsle, Senior Sex Therapist & Family Counsellor, Dr. Minnu Bhonsle, Senior Psychotherapist & Marriage Counsellor, and Dr. Aman Bhonsle, Psychosocial Analyst and Youth Coach, field a comprehensive collection of Frequently Unanswered Questions about sex. Years of research and insight into human behaviour and sexuality make this trans-generational book like none other, presented in a format that is balanced between the male and female perspectives. It offers scientific and complete answers to every possible question about the polarizing and often trivialized issue of human sexuality.

This book is the one-stop, definitive reference for doctors, counsellors, parents, teachers, and individuals of all ages, orientations and faiths, and particularly those locked in silence. This is a book that binds us as human beings.

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