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Balakrishna Kamath

An ex-Intelligence professional, Family Man, Author and a Dreamer


The day Mr. Godbole retires from the Agency things take a sinister turn.
In a strange coincidence, India’s Internal Intelligence Agency and the FBI of the US, come face to face in what was initially an innocuous conflict of interest. Both have their own binding reasons for their stands on the dispute and cannot budge to make space for settlement. When the matter escalates into a dangerous tussle, both try to avoid it spill into the public domain, wary of diplomatic fallout and possible repercussions on the otherwise two friendly countries. Therefore, the precarious game becomes a tightrope walk for both. To avoid complications they studiously keep their organisations away from clashing in the field. Despite their deft manoeuvres, in some time, things go out of hand and both parties suffer setbacks. With Mr. Godbole positioned in the eye of the storm, while battling personal loss…
Will both sides come together to understand each other’s position?

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