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The Toxic Vaccine: A Pandemic Medical Thriller


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Soham Sandeep sonis

A passionate Physiotherapist and Medical Thriller Author


In the midst of a pandemic, when the entire world is in lockdown, ten slum children are transported to an unknown location. Their anxious faces twitch when injected with a mysterious liquid. The reward is too high to complain.

The teenagers are certain they are going to change the world.

Meanwhile, Dr Sahil Shrivastav, a physiotherapist, arrives at a tiny village for an orthopaedic camp. The village is nestled beside a vast lake. The lake holds an eerie past that the villagers know but are terrified to address. Strange things start happening around Sahil which are beyond his imagination. When two of his students go missing, Sahil has to act.

Can a physiotherapist unravel a dark conspiracy?

The Toxic Vaccine is a gripping medical thriller that revolves around an alternate reality of the Covid-19 vaccine, a conspiracy brewing in the deep underbelly of human trials.

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5.5'' x 8.5''


300 Grams



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