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The Tonic


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Mayur Sudhakar Sarfare

MAYUR SUDHAKAR SARFARE Novelist, Media Professor, Moderator, Epigrammist


Set in the year 1992, The Tonic is an emotionally wrenching tale of an unlikely friendship between Masher and Raem, two young outcasts with psychological deficiencies. We see through their eyes what the riots do to them and the people of Bombay, which mysteriously connects decades later to the life of a media tycoon cum atheist, who has genocidal plans for the religious!

Mumbai, 2017: Reymerg D’Souza, a media tycoon and powerful militant Atheist, harbours an ominous plan to cleanse the country from religion.

Avantika Das, an investigative journalist, partners with a suspended cop to embark on a perilous journey to expose Reymerg’s darker agendas.

Back in 1992, two young misfits are drawn together by the ravages of an approaching Hindu-Muslim riot.

Masher, a diffident teenager with a speech disorder is forced into participating in an annual elocution contest held in his school.

During this period, he befriends Raem, a twenty-one-year old recluse with a foreign descent, who gifts him a packet of mysterious chocolate pills.

The pills magically begin to embolden their lives. They begin to win moments and people. A Tonic that turns them from being misfits to stupefiers.

But soon the riots begin to take its violent form. As it takes away everything from one but not so much from the other.

The two tales separated by decades, strangely begin to converge towards the end, to forge a deadly truth that binds the lives of these people in the most unexpected manner and may be the key to stopping the atheist from executing his sinister plans.

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