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The Tattoo Trail


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Gurucharan Singh Gandhi

Full-time #Corporate Wallah | Part-time #Writer | Who Reads Widely, Runs Vigorously, Writes Incisively


Vishnukant Ahlawat, a top defence honcho, working on India’s response to the Chinese Dokalam intransigence is killed in his hospital room. Is it a coincidence that the international summit, where peace is supposedly being brokered between India and China, is just a week away?

The soft spoken, and sophisticated Kali Nath Singh is the suspect caught on CCTV camera for this murder.

Keshav Kumar, an uncouth, yet astute investigator from Bihar along with his unlikely deputy, the shrewd Sumitra Devi, an ex wrestler from Haryana, is tasked to solve the murder mystery. What started as a straightforward murder case seemed to be hopelessly tangled with oddly dissimilar things – false identity, the Goa mining scam and even a love story!

Will Keshav and Sumitra succeed in cracking this case?

An unusual whodunnit that has stories within stories, this book will keep you riveted to the very end!

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5'' x 8''


300 Grams



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