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The Swamp Girl: Lokhandwala One


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Avijit Mitra

Avijit Mitra is a dedicated parent, husband, filmmaker, novelist, chess-player, tennis-player, and a whodunnit reader.


A young woman’s body is found in the mangroves bordering Lokhandwala, the prosperous suburb of Mumbai. Who is she?
Jenny finds an abandoned car on the street near the mangroves. The car belongs to someone named Anu. But where is she?
One part of a pair of women’s dress shoes is found at the crime scene. Whom does it belong to?
What secrets are the three friends Viren, Shafat, and Anil hiding?
What does the recluse billionaire Roy know?
Why did ASI Rana seek a Mumbai posting?
Who has Rohan, Jenny’s brother-in-law, come to meet in Mumbai?
What drives Jenny’s obsession with the story of the Swamp Girl?
Who is Paromeeta?
Everybody has a secret. Everyone’s a suspect.

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