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The Prophetic Curse


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Where do I start? My name is Rahul, and I am just an average Indian, with a billion dreams to be achieved, the time, a tiny particle compared to the dreams.
My dream? … Own the world … every single inch of it.
How? … Lounging on a couch, munching away at will.
When you got high ambitions and you just can’t do justice to them besides the fact that you can’t help yourself off the damned couch, the only way out of this disappointing, boring world is the luring world of psychedelics. The lure is promising and attractive, and you feel like you are on the top of the world – but really are you on top of the world or are you in the clutches of an octopus whose reaches are bigger than the world governments put together? And what if this magical world just brings out the worst in you? What if the thing that you wished for initiates the path of self-destruction in you and you don’t even know it? Would you hold on to it? And what if the “helping hand” out of the mess you created is just a marketing gimmick? Discover through the eyes of Rahul the curse of being a 21st century adult. It is high time that we wake up to this menace plaguing the streets of mother India. Now or Never …
The question for the eternity. Are you ready? …

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