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The Last Ritual: Dawn of Darkness


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Sadath Ali

Author, General Surgeon, Pianist, Professional Scuba diver, Traveller, Polylingual.


A routine clinic visit turns detrimental to a pregnant girl, as she gets kidnapped by mysterious men.

A Category-A criminal escapes from the Woodhill top security prison.

Coincidental connections to these two events lands a brilliant psychiatrist, Dr Samee Salazar, under the radar of suspicion of the Interpol director, Alexander Berekhyah. With the beautiful agent, Maria Sylviera’s help, Samee turns into a refugee in search of the truth. Meanwhile, the prisoner-at-large, Rasputin, with a gruesomely tattooed face and an overpowering gait, turns out to be deadlier than the deadliest of antagonists.

As Samee and Maria get pulled into the world of sigils, rituals, curses and pagans, they realise that they are fighting more than just the Interpol – but an ancient satanic brotherhood that could very well cause an Armageddon.

Will Rasputin, with the power of cursed entities and ancient rituals at his disposal, be able to unfold the Satanic Age?

Will Samee, with his profound knowledge of theology and semiotics, be able to stop the Disciples of Satan from performing ‘The Last Ritual’?

In this ultimate battle of good versus evil, with cruelty and treachery abound, which side will have a taste of triumph?

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"5.5'' x 8.5''


300 Grams



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