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Tharki: Indori Ishq


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When Kunal leaves his hometown Indore and moves to the bustling city of Mumbai, he thinks he is the happiest person alive. His school-time crush Tara is now his girlfriend, he has secured a seat in the best college for the Merchant Navy and his parents are incredibly proud of him. A blooming love-life, a promising career and a happy family—What else does one need?

Kunal, however, has no idea that his life is about to change—drastically. He is completely unaware that life wouldn’t seem like cakewalk anymore, and he would be f*cked left, right and centre. He is destined to descend to depths he had never dreamed of.

Filled with love, hatred and madness, THARKI: INDORI ISHQ is a relatable story for anyone who has ever forgotten the limits of sanity in the game of love—and ended up paying a heavy price.

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