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Selene – A Poem


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Mallikarjun Basavaraj Mulimani

Writer, poet, & philosopher.


Raj has AIDS.
His time on earth is short.
He lives in a metro – is rich – but has had enough of its hustle and bustle early in life.
He wants to die in peace in a beautiful environment.
He comes to know of an ideal village set in an idyllic atmosphere.
Raj lands in the village and is immediately befriended by city educated Viktor and his beautiful daughter Selene who has come back from the city after graduation to help her father in securing the village’s future in education.
The father and daughter duo draw closer to Raj even though they know he has AIDS and placate the villagers by educating them about the disease when they become agitated about Raj coming to stay in their midst in the final stages of his disease.
They had given him shelter in a comfortable room attached to their home when he was healthy enough and Selene brings him into the guestroom inside her home when his condition worsens and tends to him with love while Viktor watches with tears in his eyes.
All this happens when love is blossoming between the reluctant Raj and determined Selene in the beautiful ambience of woods, lake and fields. Unconditional love.

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