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One for Sorrow Two for Joy

One for Sorrow Two for Joy


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Three themes bind this collection of eight stories: women, around whom the stories are built, Goa, in which the stories are set, and the popular rhyme, One for sorrow, two for joy, which is used as an anchor; each story, in turn, reflecting the emotions or objects referred to in successive lines of the rhyme. Sorrow and joy, girls and boys, silver and gold, secrets, food, drink, wishes, kisses and messages – these are the stuff that stories have been made of since they were told at the dawn of humankind in huddles around campfires. And this is the stuff these stories are also made of. Though authentically Goan, these tales speak universally to all. Told with wit and subtle humour, each has an interesting twist at the end, to give the reader an “ah-ha” moment in the final paragraphs."

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