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Life of a Sunset Kid


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Udayakumar DS

I live in two worlds and love the imaginary world more than the real one.


Pratiksha, a young girl gets hold of a neglected journal – Kris, that belonged to her late uncle Shyam, two decades after his demise. Her curiosity about Shyam grows as she eagerly dives into Kris.

Shyam had battled a degenerative muscle disease through his short life of fourteen years. To liberate his parents from the insurmountable pain and suffering they endured from his condition, he relentlessly pushed his brain’s limits to achieve greatness in several ways. Kris unveils the learnings received and the people encountered by the physically constrained, wheelchair-bound Shyam on the journeys he made into the other realms usually not accessible to humans.

Pratiksha shocks her family when she reveals something she read in Kris – an incident that Shyam could not have known about because it happened years after his death. How did the past unfold into the unseen future? What had Shyam unravelled about the human journey, especially his own journey?

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5'' x 8''


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