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Law of Jiluk – 3


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Inba Vignesh

All the prejudices that come with being a creator don't hold true to me. I am just a boy-next-door with a very big dream of becoming a storyteller someday.


At the break of the new millennium there lived four friends in a beautiful place called Wellington, located at the foothills of the Nilgiris, chiseled in the sprawling Western Ghats.
Inba and his friends had just entered the most colourful period of one’s life where everything had to be experienced first-hand. As teenagers, they were the emperors of their empire.
After a decade, Inba reminisces his past and his encounter with a girl when he was young and tells his story in a series of ‘flashbacks’. He wants to convey something to someone. Will he achieve it? Can he keep the legacy of his herd alive? Can he redeem himself from his greatest obsession, his love? Can he define Jiluk? Can he make a statement to the world that
everything is fair in love, war, and jiluk? And will he succeed in explaining the‘Law of Jiluk’?
Welcome to Law of Jiluk – Jiluk is the ultimate
redemption, the concluding part of the bestselling Jiluk series.
By the way, what is Jiluk?
The quest ends…

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