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Bonded by Darkness


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The Literary Yogi

Father to an incredible little man, husband to wonder woman, storyteller, and someone who treats others like he wants to be treated.


Leonardo, a happy twenty-one-year old living in the Indian city of Cochin, is engulfed in darkness when hidden secrets from the past see light. He moves to Mumbai to get away from it all, where he befriends a young boy at an underground fight club and a beautiful woman living next door to him. When the boy is kidnapped by a Ukrainian mobster and the woman is attacked by a businessman, Leo decides to take it upon himself to hunt down these criminals.

In Leo’s attempt to fund his undercover operations, he recruits his friends—who, like him, are reborn in the fires of adversity—to rob the Royal Global Bank, Mumbai. As a result, he ends up even deeper in the dark world of criminals.

Is everything what it appears to be? Once bonded by darkness, are they destined to live forever in the shadows? Pick up this scintillating read and find out…

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"5.5'' x 8.5''


250 Grams



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