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At University An Anthology of Selected Poems and Short Stories


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Kalyani Chitta

an academician by pursuit, a banker by profession, a writer by passion


Heard of –parents of the NRI who died of starvation… brides who have turned into victims of the hollowness and insensitivity of the traditional marriage system….less consequential, but heard of people who insist that you are the nicest person ever born on this planet and hope that you never meet the 2024 others they told the same thing to…friends who meet you once every week with the bio-data of a new person who fell in love with them… next door aunty who borrowed money from you citing some emergency and later deleted this transaction from her memory…?. Shed tears in joy…wished this day didn’t dawn in your life…wondered if you are living or just alive…been in love…had failures that seem like the end of the world…?. ‘At University…’ is about people we know; phases and feelings we all go through, from the pen of someone who is one among you, a face in the crowd, who sees the same world as you do but looks at it differently, perhaps…

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