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Kalicharan’s Veda


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kalicharan tuvij

A designer of death machines, an artist after the Devata-s, a linguist in love with Sanskrit, and an author by anonymity.


A first of its kind, this book exalts Aesthetics and Harmony to the levels of Reason-Logic on one hand and Faith-Belief on the other to see the Veda – the Fountainhead of Indian Thought – in a light proper to Veda’s own soul. As a consequence, Veda unravels itself to the reader. Kalicharan the author, the Rsis of Veda, and You the reader echo each other in a unison, which far from being reassuring or comforting, is like a relentless Sacrifice-propelled voyage which charts on the unexplored, revisits the unquestioned and lets the Vedic Gods – Mitr, Savitar, Varun, Indr, Aditi and many others – come to life in their full glory.

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