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Bhakti sans Religion – Dilemmas in the Search of One’s True Inner Self


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Mallikarjun Basavaraj Mulimani

Writer, poet, & philosopher.


There is only one God. Unfortunately he is surrounded by infinite veils of sophisticated lies and subtle misdirections, Maya. These veils are harder to shred since we have been conditioned to adapt to the materialistic world with its innumerable religions which preach kowtowing to different external gods as salvation to our horrendous internal needs.But the reality is that, only faith and platonic unconditional love, both of which together result in devotion, are sufficient to attain bliss if that devotion is concentrated upon an aesthetic object of devotion, without letting even a single stray thought to enter into the peace within oneself, until the object of devotion becomes one with one’s true inner self, which is nothing but the reflection of Brahman, the Atman, which in a rightful spiritual manner becomes one with the Absolute.

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