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Winning against ALLERGIES


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Allergies are abnormal reactions to ordinarily harmless substance. The sensitizing substances, called allergens, may be inhaled, swallowed, or come into contact with the skin. Allergens that most frequently cause problems are: pollens, mold spores, house dust mites, animal danders, foods, insect bites or stings, plants, insect spores, latex rubber, viruses, bacteria, medications and environmental conditions such as cold, heat or humidity. Allergic reactions occurs after the immune system mistakenly learns to recognize innocent foreign substances or allergens, as potentially harmful. Most people who suffer from allergies, have to face aggravating conditions that interrupt their lifestyle. Almost all those who suffer from allergies seek medical help, and yet, in most cases, they continue to suffer despite their efforts to find relief and cure. Is allergy relief possible? How much can we do to help ourselves? Can we win against this onslaught to our systems? This volume from the HEAL series, gives you the information you need to win against allergies.

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