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Vijay N. Shankar

Studied at Delhi Public School and St Stephens college. Worked on edit desk at The Indian Express and The Statesman. Founded SUN tabloid magazine as Editor. Have written two poetry books and ten other books on Sikhism, short story collection, Storm In Kashmir novel and Shadow Boxing With The Gods. Also, Sunday mag editor at National Herald and Editorial Consultant…


There are over 300,000 dialysis patients in India and countingƒ but there is a gaping void in the literature available to dialysis patients, apart from medical pharma booklets on specific drugs. This book is the first of its kind in India and is based on the author’s personal experience with DIAYSIS. It deals with issues such as side effects, blood and chemical imbalances, and other problems caused by the CKD. Most importantly, it looks at ways of living with dialysis with the correct medical and dietary regulations. This book has been written to inspire and guide other CKD patients and their families on how to manage issues raised by dialysis and to inform them about food choices and diet that can make their lives easier. The large number of dialysis patients in India does not always have sufficient information about food supplements or diet. This book sets the record straight on myth and misinformation while offering practical tips and a cookbook of recipes specially for those on DIALYSIS.

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