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Ravi and Nisha outlook on life could not be any more different. But their destinies are bound together by one single moment which changes their lives for ever. Bernard is confused between his reality and dreams, both of which are life threatening. But he has to make a choice just before the moment when reality and dreams start diverging.

Samir’s brilliance is extraordinary but he hides his darkness behinds his appearances. The eternal evil was never so brilliant in his camouflage. Denis life is enormously routine except for the punts he takes in stock markets. His addiction leads him to realise that the adrenaline of making money is only temporary. Rohan and Manu could not be more different but are best friends. One of them chooses to leave this world leaving the other to question his own existence.

Irfan is a 70 year old living alone. He has been scarred for life in partition. But he chooses to over come his fears of the past and writes a better future for strangers. The final story is about how an individual who has substance abuse issues, gets rescued by meeting a stranger and falling in love with her.

Each of these stories attempts to show case the extremes of human life in their complete contrast and understanding the choices made in such unchartered territories.

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